About Us

Roller blind factory Dural NSW

Who we are & what we do

The owners of Blindmotion understand that for the business to flourish, it must not only produce and install high quality products, but it must also create happy customers.

Getting window furnishings right involves getting each stage of the process right, from the initial selection of products, their measurements, manufacture and installation. Blindmotion cares about your experience. We want you to tell your friends about your good experience which is why we pay attention to details, right from the initial meeting with you to the installation of your beautiful new window furnishings

Blind fabric Dural Sydney NSW

Australian made quality, competitive pricing

Blindmotion proudly manufactures all our roller blind products locally. Where possible, we select Australian materials including fabric and parts. All our roller blinds are custom-made and assembled, providing local employment. This is beneficial to us, our employees, our customers and the wider community.